Ashton Irwin makes me sob (ノ◕‿◕)ノ
Hi I'm Kat and I think me and Ashton Irwin would be cute together. (◕‿◕✿)

Anonymous asked: "FUCKING SLAY"


Anonymous asked: "I went throught your face page and holy fuck. You should really always wear pants bc nobody wants to see your ugly ass fat thighs"

Dont be an asshole

Anonymous asked: "I kinda hope you get punched in the face, maybe then youll be pretty. Its not like makeup helps you. You wear so much ugly fucking eyeliner its rediculous"

I happen to fucking love my eyeliner. Sure sometimes i put a lot on, but that is my fucking choice and it makes me feel good about myself so fuck off.

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Anonymous asked: "don't listen to people like that, you're beautiful and have one of the best blogs i've laid eyes on"


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Anonymous asked: "Oh yeah and youre fat too"

W0w !! So insulting! Maybe you should think of something i havent heard a thousand times.

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Anonymous asked: "I mean i guess hes a little attractive, but not you. God damn youre ugly. I get the heebie jeebies when i ssee your face."

I know youre trying to be a cunt, but im laughing at the fact that you used heebie jeebies

Anonymous asked: "how dare you spam my dash with daddy 5sos ugh SO MANY FEELS"


Anonymous asked: "you have an amazing personality and I love your blog! one of my top faves :)"

Awh omg thank you so much

Anonymous asked: "I like your smile"

Thank youu

Anonymous asked: "hi you're beautiful :)"

Hi thank you so much

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